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Abaco is Back in Business

Abaco could soon be back on top as a favored tourist destination, with the help of a telecommunications partner



MARSH HARBOUR, ABACO – Abaco could soon be back on top as a favored tourist destination. Two and half years ago, the island was the fastest-growing destination with a growing economy.

Hurricane Dorian brought all of that to a screeching halt. Now it seems they are about to bounce back with the help of a telecommunications partner.

Jerome sawyer reports from Abaco.

Member of Parliament for Central and South Abaco, John Pinder, is looking forward to the recovery of Abaco.

It’s been 18 months since hurricane Dorian, and there are signs of progress.

In the cays like Hope Town, hotels and restaurants are up and running.

While the Abaco mainland trudges on steadily, but one of the greatest needs is still housing.

While they work on getting people in homes and meeting basic needs Our News raised the question of jobs and the economy.

Pinder is hoping for concessions and duty-free extensions.

Pinder – who also serves as state minister for tourism spent time with Aliv executives on Friday, where both sides discussed technology needs and growth potential for Abaco.

The Abaco market holds much promise for Aliv.

The restoration efforts and the return of tourism means more demand for reliable and fast internet and mobile data.