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Director: Bahamian Labour Comes First

No foreigner should get a work permit where qualified Bahamians can fill the position, according to Labour Director Robert Farquharson.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – As the economy continues to rebound and job opportunities increase, Labour Director Robert Farquharson is vowing that no foreigner should get a work permit where there are qualified Bahamians to fill that position.

Farquharson says it’s a rule that is being strictly enforced and labour officials will be clamping down on the granting of work permits.

Jasmin Brown reports.

Farquharson said he is working closely with the Director of Immigration to advise current work permit holders, who are in positions that Bahamians are now qualified to fill, that they may not get new permits.

Farquharson also encouraged skilled Bahamians seeking jobs to register with the Department of Labour.