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Revolutionary Black Panther Party



An organization claiming continuity of the Black Panthers party of the 1960s is making its presence felt in the Bahamas by helping families in need.


Founder and Chief-General-In-Command of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party (RBPP) Dr. Alli Muhammad visited The Bahamas this week for the opening of the RBPP Bahamas chapter. 

The organization claims itself to be a continuation of the original Black Panther Party of the 1960s with a mission to “feed, clothe, shelter, train and defend the people”, according to Muhammad.

Partnered with Families Of All Murder Victims (FOAM), the organization announced its chapter opening with a food give-away as well as a raffle give away where the winner will have their rent or a utility bill fully paid.

Muhammad says they plan to continue to the initiative once a month. 

Muhammad said they hope to collaborate with foam in establishing an all-women’s shelter, as well.

Muhammad, who claims he has roots in The Bahamas says they are willing to work with the government in any future endeavor.

Founder and Director of FOAM, Khandi Gibson said the RBPP plans on running the free resources programs through FOAM.