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Today in History: June 5

BAHAMAS – A former FNM chairman makes a strategic move and Bahamians deported from the U.S. See what events took place on this day in history.




BAHAMAS – On this day in Bahamian history, in 2012 – then FNM Chairman Charles Maynard made headlines after his interview on Cable 12’s Political View with Jeff Lloyd in which he said the party would court former FNM members, including then DNA Leader Branville McCartney.

McCartney had split from the party prior to 2012 general elections in which his new party secured some 11,000 votes.

Then in 2013, the country learned of the United States’ intention to deport about a dozen criminals of Bahamian descent, putting national security officials on alert as they maintained that criminal deportees are significantly contributing to the country’s current crime wave.

At the time, officials reported more than 1,000 convicted criminals were deported from the United States to The Bahamas since 2002. Then Prime Minister Perry Christie he had reached out to the us for support if the deportations were to continue.

In 2021, Our News reported on 95 Haitian nationals who were repatriated even as travel to and from Haiti was still banned under COVID-19 emergency orders in place since 2020.

The group included 67 men 22 women and six children who are repatriated.

Finally, on this day in 2022, was the tragic end to what was dubbed the return of Long Island Regatta after a plane carrying seven people including the pilot crashed shortly after takeoff from the Deadman’s Cay airport. Twenty-two-year-old Alethia Newbold the mother of a six month old girl died.