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Unity On The Streets

The Falcons Boys Club hosting Unity in The Streets, taking the message of making good choices to young men.



FREEPORT, GRAND BAHAMA – The Falcons Boys Club hosting their monthly Unity in The Streets initiative where they take the message of making good choices to young men in various communities throughout Grand Bahama.

Executive Pastor at Jubilee Cathedral Laquez Williams, reminds attendees of the importance of gratitude.

Kenyatta Lewis, sharing his story with the young men, revealing that he was recently released from prison in 2018. While sharing his experiences, he emphasized the importance of controlling your thoughts and your actions.

Vice President at the Grand Bahama Port Authority Nikera Wilchcombe, commending the visionary behind the Falcons Boys Club, Darren Rolle, and his 25 years of service to the island through the program.

She challenged the young men to apply the life lessons poured into them, as one day they will be called to lead.