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Government Eyeing Housing for Families in Need

Social services Minister Obie Wilchcombe announcing a long-term plan to provide housing for homeless families.



NASSAUK, AHAMAS – Social Services Minister Obie Wilchcombe announcing plans to provide housing for homeless families. He says it will be a long-term plan as people in need try to get back on their feet.

Berthony McDermott reports.

The government is exploring the idea of building housing facilities for Bahamians living below the poverty line, according to Social Services Minister Obie Wilchcombe.

Wilchcombe hit out at previous housing programs, noting that not enough attention was given to the problem.

In November 2020, then Social Services Minister Frankie Campbell said $1.2 million was earmarked for rental assistance but said assistance offered was on a yearly basis.

However, Wilchcombe has something different in mind.

He said the aim is to have those facilities on New Providence, Grand Bahama and on other Family Islands if needed.

Back in May, acting Social Services Director Kim Sawyer said the government spent $2.4 million in rental assistance amid the global pandemic

From the period of July 2020 to April 2021, 2,118 households were approved for rental assistance in New Providence and Grand Bahama.

Wilchombe said many are oblivious to the true extent of homelessness in The Bahamas.