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Kanoo CEO Maintains Transactions Above Board



Kanoo’s chief executive officer is speaking out days after the Auditor General’s report into the Ministry of Tourism. He sought to clarify his business’ agreement with the Ministry of Tourism and maintained transactions were above board.

Days after that Auditor General’s report into the Ministry of Tourism, Kanoo CEO Keith Davies is defending their engagement with the travel health visa. He said the transfer of government revenue collected from the travel health visa to the consolidated fund was delayed because transfers only occurred once written instructions were given. Davies stressed that by law, Kanoo can not touch funds without being instructed.

The report revealed a six-month delay between the time the first payments for the visa were collected and when they were deposited to the consolidated fund.

The Ministry of Tourism stated more than $34 million was collected between November and August 2021 and after removing expenses $10.7 million was to be transferred to the consolidated fund. However, the first payment of $2.7 million was not transferred until May 15th, 2021.

Last year, the Ministry of Tourism defended its agreement with Kanoo amid claims that Kanoo was holding and controlling funds collected under the program. Speaking on Guardian radio talk show ‘The Revolution’ with host Juan McCartney, Davies said the report enforces that nothing untoward happened under the agreement. Davies said he was not contacted by the Auditor General’s department for the report, which also concluded that no competitive bidding was pursued and services commenced initially with only a verbal agreement.

The report also reveals that a contract was never officially signed with Kanoo which was responsible for executing monthly payments to all vendors.