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Pediatrician: Omicron Is A Different Beast



The recent announcement that the return to classrooms has been delayed by two weeks was a hard blow for many parents and students who looked forward to returning to some degree of normalcy.


Kristina Dragovich tells us what one pediatrician has to say about the postponement of in-person classes.

Covid case numbers are climbing across the board, including among younger kids who are not eligible for vaccination yet in the Bahamas.

Dr. Charelle Lockhart is a general pediatrician, but she’s also a parent, who understands the balance between keeping kids safe and having them return to the classroom.

With in-person classes delayed for at least two weeks for students in the public and private school system, what advice does she have?

The Ministry of Education and Technical and Vocational training issued a statement, noting that daycare facilities will remain open during the period, before in-person lessons begin in or about January 12th 2022. 

However Dr. Lockhart says whenever students return to the classroom, there should be some level of testing to prevent exposure to, and the possible spread of the virus.