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Victim Was “Striving Young Man”

Police believe the shooting deaths of five men, including 32-year-old Ridge Bryant, over the weekend are linked to a gang drug turf war.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Police believe the shooting deaths of those five men over the weekend are linked to a gang drug turf war.

Jared Higgs tells us one of the victims was remembered by a family member as a striving one man, while another victim was not the intended target of his killers.

The Killing of 32-year-old Ridge Bryant and four other men, during a bloody weekend, were gang-related, according to Acting Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander.

Bryant and another man were gunned down on Thompson Lane, Sunday evening, just a day after another man was gunned down on the same street.

Police confirm that the man killed on Saturday was not the intended target. Family members lamented that the killers returned on Sunday.

ACP Fernander updated members of the press about the weekend murders over Zoom.

The other incidents included a man found shot to death in a vehicle, outside his home on Cordeaux Avenue, west of Market Street.

Meanwhile on Friday, two men were shot on Eighth Street, Coconut Grove. One of those men died, while police say the other was hospitalized.

Fernander says the killings were retaliations, and vowed that police would crack down on drug houses in communities.